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Great news for all FANS who LOVE the Wendy Mamattah Asabone patterns! This is for YOU! I have a FREE pattern called DANCE published in the upcoming September 2015 issue of American Quilter magazine. It has a great instructional guide line and any level of quilter can make it.

This art piece called 'Dance' is Stunning!

Quilters may have received a copy of the upcoming issue already, well this is a chance to have an Original pattern of mine Free to download, or Free when you get a copy of the September American Quilter Magazine with no sweat at all, how cool is that!!

Go get the pattern! Quilt your heart out! Every one is welcome to share their art pieces with me. I would love to see what quilters come up with.

Happy Quilting!
~~~~~Wendy Mamattah.

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The new Asabone Patterns Series 2 now ready to ship!

Yes!! The new patterns are here!! Under our new brand name Quilted Nonsense, for our New Asabone line series 2, Braid and Stitch has come up with a new great and Authentic African silhouette dance quilt pattern line, an African Drummer pattern line, as well as an African Sunshine silhouette line, and also by popular demand, Braid and Stitch now carries a Masai pattern line

These patterns can be machine pieced, raw edge appliqued, hand appliqued in needle turn, and also constructed in fusible applique and freezer paper applique.

Pattern Contents~

Skill Level: Intermediate

Cover Sheet

Instructional Guidelines


Asabone Patterns Series 1 ready to ship! 

Asabone Quilts Patterns At long last the patterns are here!! Authentic African silhouette art quilt patterns, created by Wendy Mamattah. 

These are 12 by 12 inch blocks which are great for block of the month, and perfect for traditional quilts, and also work as great independent quilt art pieces. 

These patterns can be machine pieced as raw edge applique, hand appliqued, and also constructed in fusible applique and freezer paper applique.

Pattern Contents~

Cover Sheet

Instructional Guidelines


Asabone Dancers

Asabone in Ghana means wild dancing which is the name for this art quilt pattern series, because of how my two dancers have let themselves go wild while dancing, while the men play the drums. 

This is a very normal way of entertaining in most African villages and is common practice.

 Artist Statement~

This art work is raw edge, machine appliqued and machine quilted with Kente prints as fabric of choice. 

Thank you for purchasing this Wendy Mamattah pattern. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this pattern are written clearly and accurately. We welcome your comments. All items contained in this pattern are protected by Copyright and may not be reproduced for any commercial use without prior written consent of Wendy Mamattah.

Be my first order, and receive these African silhouette patterns from my hand to yours! 

They are Eye Candy!

Patterns will ship immediately within the next business day.

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